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I have this year (2013). I want notifications of the following (numbered for reference):
  1. video alerts of any home run that just happened
    1. does alerts, but does not link to videos
  2. video alerts of a "top play" by a player I'm following
  3. video alerts of an ejection by an umpire
  4. video alerts of a umpires using video replay to verify a ruling on the field that is not a home run (home runs would be covered by the first type of notification)
  5. an alert of a no-hitter about to happen No-Hitter Alerts does this very well
  6. an alert of a perfect game about to happen
  7. an alert of a position player warming up in the bullpen, or an alert that a position player has officially entered the game as a pitcher
  8. the player that I've picked in Beat the Streak® is about to come up to bat (notify me just as the player before him in the batting order gets to the plate) so that I can watch the player and celebrate when he does get a hit. (Also, as soon as the game is official, notify me if he got a hit by then, and not after the full game.)
Does an iOS app do any of this? Is that something Bases Coded could do?

I suppose Twitter could handle most of the above, especially 5, 6, and 7.