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Triggering Images

1. People in hospitals and morgues

The first month or two was people in China, then Europe (Spain and Italy), then America (New York especially). Also memorable were scenes of empty street and people on balconies.

2. Images of viruses

News stories would soon be adorned by an image of a virus or microbe.

3. Masks and people standing apart

As mask-usage became more widespread, so did the images of people wearing them. This coincided with People posing standing apart ("social distancing") while still in frame. In Canada, we had a few laughs when hockey sticks were being used to put microphones in front of people.

5. Needles/syringes/people sitting in chairs getting injected

As we entered the vaccine era starting December, imagery shifted to needles in arms, and people sitting down and receiving the vaccine, or long lineups to receive it.